“Maitreya's Ornament for the Clear Realizations”

by Jeffrey Hopkins and Jongbok Yi

A rendering of the hidden teachings contained in the Perfection of Wisdom Sūtras.


“The Collected Topics of Epistemology”

by Steven Weinberger

Elucidating the meaning of Dharmakīrti’s Commentary on Dignāga’s “Compilation of Valid Cognition.”


“The Two Truths in the Middle Way Consequence School”

by Guy Newland

Exploring the two truths in Chandrakirti's “Supplement to the Middle” (madhyamaka-avatāra).


Expanding Wisdom and Compassion
Through Study and Contemplation

About the UMA Institute for Tibetan Studies

About the Work of the Institute

The UMA Institute for Tibetan Studies was founded in Charlottesville, Virginia (USA) to support long-term translation of texts and oral teachings from Tibetan Buddhist traditions; conduct seminars, classes, and retreats on focal topics of Tibetan Buddhism and instruction in the literary and colloquial aspects of the Tibetan language; and maintain and develop multimedia sites and archives as research and instructional resources accessible across the Worldwide Web.


UMA stands for "Union of the Modern and the Ancient" and also means "Middle Way" in Tibetan. Founded by Jeffrey Hopkins, renowned scholar and human-rights activist, the UMA Institute is unique in that most of our translators have worked together for decades. More importantly, all share a consistent vocabulary and produce translations in a uniform style.


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