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Signs and Reasonings


Go-mang Signs and Reasonings

Jam-yang-shay-ba's Illuminating a Little the Presentation of Signs and Reasonings: Beautiful Golden Rosary of Eloquence (rtags rigs gyi rnam bshag nyung gsal legs bshad gser gyi 'phreng mdzes).


Ten-dar-lha-ram-pa (bstan dar lha ram pa). Brief Meaning of Signs of Non-Observation ( ma dmigs pa'i rtags kyi go don mdor bsdus). In progress.


Signs and Reasonings From Other Monastic Colleges


La-ti Jang-chub-tshul-trim on Pur-bu-jok's Signs and Reasonings


Translation and analysis: Katherine Manchester Rogers, Tibetan Logic. Ithaca, N.Y.: Snow Lion Publications, 2009.