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A Great Books Translation Project Publication

Jeffrey Hopkins’ Easy Access to Jam-yang-shay-pa’s Maps of the Profound: Autonomy School. Translated into Chinese by Su-an Lin, with English Introduction

September 2014 version

This first translation into traditional Chinese of Jeffrey Hopkins' Maps of the Profound Autonomy Chapter weaves together passages from Jam-yang-shay-pa’s Great Exposition of Tenets and Ngag-wang-pal-dan’s Annotations to form an accessible, detailed commentary on Jam-yang-shay-pa’s entire Root Text with Ngag-wang-pel-den’s entire word commentary on it. Jam-yang-shay-pa’s brilliant breadth and depth—eschewing simplistic reductions—and Ngag-wang-pel-den’s clarity provide a magnificent vision of manifold world-views in the Tibetan cultural region.

Su-an Lin is a Doctoral Candidate at Taiwan's National Chengchi University and member of the Board of Directors of UMA Institute.