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Ge-dun-lo-dro's Replies to Questions by Jeffrey Hopkins about the Consequence School Chapter
in Jam-yang-shay-pa's Great Exposition of Tenets

These recordings are Ge-dun-lo-dro's separate distillations of his responses to questions put by Jeffrey Hopkins during private teachings at his office in the University of Hamburg in December 1971 and January 1972; they are not the classes themselves which, at his request, were not recorded. The recordings were made on four-track reel-to-reel five-inch tapes on an Uher recorder in the track order of 1, 4, 2, 3, which explains why, for instance, the second file is announced as "track four." We suggest that you begin listening with the second file (02) since it is extremely clear, whereas the first half of the first file is quite muffled. The topics of the questions and responses are listed in a pdf, just below, titled "Detailed Outline of Questions and Replies":

"Detailed Outline of Questions and Replies"